Middle Park, Victoria

A contemporary low maintenance garden incorporates a range of elements at the rear of a double fronted timber Victorian house. A wall mounted light box from Lump Sculpture Studio is the feature of the back wall of the property and becomes the focus of the outdoor entertaining space. A small garden to the side of the large deck area incorporates a low sawn bluestone seating bench, water feature, lighting, an outdoor shower, lush planting and irregular bluestone paving inter-planted with Ophiopogon japonicus (Mondo Grass). A radial sawn timber screen and a climbing structure support Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) to conceal the neighbouring property. Plants were chosen for their different ‘shades of green’ – Arthropodium cirratum (Renga Renga Lily), Agave attenuata (Century Plant) and Osmanthus heterophyllus (Holly Leaf Osmanthus) with splashes of colour from Strelizia reginae (Bird of Paradise) and Liriope muscari (Lily turf).