Caroline Springs, Victoria


Lend Lease

The Cascades is an open space area which connects water from a wetland to Lake Caroline. A narrow open space area bordered by town house developments, with significant level changes has been transformed into a series of paved open space areas adjacent to formalised water treatment areas. Water flows down a series of ’cascades’ and through open water areas and bio-retention/filtration ponds before entering Lake Caroline. The ponds have been formed using precast concrete panels and provide for the treatment of stormwater in an urban setting. Timber decks provide crossing points over the ponds and rusted steel handrails highlight flights of steps. Bright red concrete seating walls and ‘gabion’ style walls break up the paved spaces, which are surrounded by sloping lawn and garden bed areas. Feature tree planting includes Eucalyptus melliodora (Yellow Box) and Ulmus parvifolia ‘Todd’s Form’ (Chinese Elm) with wetland planting of Juncus amabilis (Hollow Rush) and Ficinia nodosa (Knobby Club Rush).