Laurimar, Victoria


Lend Lease

An existing dam overgrown with Salix sp. (Willows) and other exotic weed species was remodelled into a functioning wetland, and re-vegetated with indigenous plants to create a natural open space reserve. Existing vegetation, including a Cypress Pine windrow, several significant Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River Red Gum) and a large regeneration area of juvenile Eucalyptus camaldulensis were retained. The open space area that surrounds the wetland incorporates two picnic shelters with BBQ’s, drinking fountains, seating areas, a playground, meandering concrete pedestrian paths, an informal gravel path around the wetland, extensive lawn and garden bed areas and two viewing decks overlooking the open water. Feature planting of Kniphofia praecox (Red Hot Poker) highlight the shelter areas.