Cheddar Road Reservoir, Victoria


Office of Housing

Several core principals of sustainability were utilised at the Cheddar Road Development to compliment McCabe Architect’s sustainable approach to the built form. UELA were engaged to develop a landscape response which was both environmentally and socially sustainable. Deciduous trees were carefully sited to provide shade in summer / sun in winter. Porous paving materials minimise runoff and grey water is collected for irrigation. Drought tolerant and indigenous plants have been selected and planting has been strategically located around the building to reduce heat and glare. Productive plants such as fruit trees and kitchen herbs have also been provided. Landscape spaces can be used by people of all physical abilities and amenities are provided to allow residents to become involved in gardening. Sustainable and organic materials have been used including recycled and plantation timbers. The result is a landscape with passive and active outdoor opportunities for residents and an open and interactive space which brings life and excitement to the development.