Opossum Bay, Tasmania


Experience Consulting

Arm End is uniquely situated at the end of a peninsula which juts out into the Derwent River and enjoys panoramic views to the city of Hobart. UELA and Crafter + Mogford are engaged as Urban and Golf Course Master Planners. Our first task was the preparation of a detailed site analysis and collation of important community considerations including; cultural, environmental and key desired recreational uses. Our task was to then plan an integrated mix of public access golf and other passive and active recreational pursuits. We consider this plan to be a well balanced approach to resolving the jigsaw puzzle that is the integration of a variety of public recreational uses. The plan also achieves key environmental outcomes such as erosion and weed control, preservation of cultural heritage areas and facilitates the revegetation of a largely degraded environment. The Development Application is to be submitted mid-2012.