Craigieburn, Victoria


Lend Lease

The Amberfield Entry establishes an identifiable and unique entry statement to a residential development with significant grassland areas and natural amenity. Oversized recycled timber posts with rusted steel strappings and rusted steel walls were constructed to reflect this natural character. In contrast, the brushed steel signage element was designed to be contemporary and modern. A series of low rusted steel and timber walls and the signage wall are interspersed with planting. Indigenous grasses of Dichelachna crinita (Long Hair Plume Grass) and Gahnia radula (Thatch Saw Sedge) create a sculptural effect in front of the walls and were planted to compliment the native grasslands within the developments. Hedge planting of Myoporum viscosum (Sticky Boobialla) were planted under super advanced Quercus palustris (Pin Oak) to help provide a buffer for houses along a busy road.