Laurimar, Victoria


Lend Lease

A custom-designed galvanised steel and timber shelter with an angled skillion roof is located at the high point of the hill top park and acts as a look out over the surrounding area. The challenge of significant changes in level were overcome through the design of a series of sweeping concrete paths and local basalt fieldstone clad retaining walls that wind their way up the hill to the central shelter area. The shelter incorporates a BBQ, drinking fountain and extensive seating and picnic areas. It sits adjacent to a playground with a rope climbing structure which further exaggerates the hill top location. There is also an open space lawn kick-a-bout area included in the design of this multi-purpose space. Indigenous planting consists of Eucalyptus polyanthemos (Red Box), Correa reflexa (Common Correa), Lomandra longifolia (Spiny Headed Mat Rush), Ficinia nodosa (Knobby Club Rush) and Poa labillardieri (Common Tussock Grass).