Laurimar, Victoria


Lend Lease

The Laurimar Ovals Precinct incorporates two full-sized sports ovals, sporting pavilion, skate bowl and playground and forms part of an impressive and extensive open space network of approximately 20 hectares adjacent to the Laurimar Town Centre. A large picnic shelter, built to provide a meeting place for local residents and for people using the sporting facilities, can accommodate several groups with dual BBQs and a variety of seating areas. It has been carefully sited for users to view across to the adjacent ovals and playground space. The shelter consists of a central ‘butterfly’ roof with a series of cantilevered solid roof/open timber pergola shade structures. Angled galvanised steel posts support a powder coated corrugated roof, with recycled timber cladding and screening. A low coloured concrete seating wall and mound provide additional seating areas to view out to the playing fields or over to the playground equipment.