Craigieburn, Victoria



The materials chosen for use throughout the Malcolm Creek Village, including locally sourced basalt fieldstones, recycled timber cladding and galvanised corrugated iron, reflect the proximity of the park to Malcolm Creek and a rural/rustic atmosphere. The park, known as Serenity Park, incorporates a large central shelter area with timber seats, picnic tables, benches and a drinking fountain adjacent to a playground and open space kick-a-bout lawn area. The shelter, constructed of galvanised steel, has corrugated roofing, stone clad pillars and recycled spotted gum timber cladding. Low stone walls mark pedestrian entrances, frame view lines and provide a sense of enclosure to the shelter area. Plants are suited to the Craigieburn location – Poa labillardieri (Common Tussock Grass), Ficinia nodosa (Knobby Club Rush), Dodonea viscosa (Purple Leaf Hop Bush) and Eucalyptus scoparia (Wallangarra White Gum) with a feature avenue of Lagerstroemia indica ‘Natchez’ (White Flowering Crepe Myrtle).