Beverage, Victoria


Newland Developers

Located 45 minutes north of Melbourne and with few existing natural features, the challenge for the development lay in the creation of landscape amenity and a sense of place. Principal to achieving this goal has been the establishment of a distinct and recognisable tree-scape - one which serves as a way-finding guide and assists in distinguishing one precinct from another. Trees will in time provide shade and respite from the prevailing winds in a presently shade-less and windswept environment. . A series of reserves and local and district parklands add to an already extensive open space environment with the golf course as its centrepiece. Bisecting the estate is a 3.5 kilometre waterway corridor comprising of a series of vehicle and pedestrian crossing points and a number of wetlands and ponds. A shared pathway along with respite stops, viewing platforms and exercise stations punctuate the journey. Upon completion as many as 150,000 indigenous trees, shrubs, grasses and sedges will transform the otherwise degraded farming land.