Laurimar, Victoria


Lend Lease

Noun. ‘eyrie’ - the nest of an eagle or other bird of prey, built in a high inaccessible place.

The hilltop village park, designed in conjunction with De Jong Architects, comprises of an over scaled shelter that celebrates its hilltop location. The central shelter is located on the highest point of the reserve to take advantage of extensive views and is comprised of angled timber clad columns, feature metal columns and a curved/angled, corrugated roof. It houses BBQ facilities, a variety of seating options and a drinking fountain.
The shelter overlooks a multiuse, plexi-pave sports court, which provides for soccer, basketball and tennis. A series of concrete and stone blade walls, retaining walls and steps deal with the level changes on site. The park also includes an ‘art feature’ of angled timber clad columns, open lawn areas and garden beds with plantings of Schinus molle (Peppercorn), Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Blue Lagoon’ (Prostrate Rosemary) and Aloe ferox x arborescens (Aloe).